Mickey's Big Day

2018 is the year that the mighty Mickey Mouse celebrated his 90th birthday. To celebrate, Disney required a regular stream of social media graphics leading up to the big day. Using a mixture of illustration, typography, motion graphics and following strict brand guidelines, Disney's Facebook and Instagram pages was filled with Mickey Mouse content and was a great success.

Mickey's Big Day

Static graphics where the 'bread and butter' of this campaign. Following brand guidlines and specific colour rules. These were resized for the various social platforms inclusing Facebook and Instagram

The Birthday Social Media campaign spread across all aspects of Disney, including competitions and prizes. Even Wimbledon got the Mickey treatment with a mock up of a Wimbledon ticket as part of a prize draw to win a day at the all England club.

Disney Social Graphics

When not working on Mickey's birthday campaign, I was involved in promoting Disney films by way of an aniversary graphic. These graphics where supplied as a static image, leavning me tasked with animating them.

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