Amazon Edge

Amazon Edge represents Amazon’s specialised drone delivery offering, embarking on a fresh endeavour with the goal of swift one-hour package deliveries across all corners of major cities, allowing customers the remarkable ability to modify delivery addresses in real-time during the delivery process.

The Challenge

Elevating delivery with a dynamic drone service

Amazon, a globally recognized brand, needed a logo that exuded novelty and distinctiveness while effectively marketing the service and seamlessly integrating within the existing Amazon ecosystem, which includes music, video, and Prime. This project would entail crafting a brand that would span numerous touch points to ensure a cohesive and resonant identity.

The Idea

Opting for a distinct approach, I chose to use opposite arrows, symbolising the launch and touch-down essence of this dynamic new undertaking. Given their unique design, these arrows also bear a resemblance to the number “1,” serving as a subtle hint to Amazon Edge’s hallmark one-hour delivery commitment. I then integrated this design concept into playful advertisements and an innovative app prototype.

Amazon Edge presents an exciting opportunity to visually capture the essence of Amazon’s pioneering drone delivery service. By building on the brand identity around the opposing arrows, this project aims to create a memorable and forward-looking visual representation of efficiency, innovation, and seamless customer experience.