Big Man Pizza

Bigman Pizza offers a distinctive pizza experience. It doesn’t follow the crowd; it simply has a passion and a profound comprehension of what makes a truly excellent pizza for its customers.

In stark contrast to many pizza chains that rely on mass-produced, processed ingredients, Bigman Pizza takes a different approach. They cultivate their own vegetables, craft their dough from scratch, create their sauce, and expertly cook everything using a traditional wood-fired, stone-based pizza oven. Their commitment even extends to boiling water for coffee within the oven, showcasing their dedication to authenticity and quality.

The Challenge

Fireside flavours

The primary goal of this project was to create a full, captivating brand identity for a pizzeria that centres its identity on the use of wood-fired ovens. The brand identity needed to encapsulate the fundamental spirit of classic pizza crafting techniques, simultaneously introducing a lively and modern design that blends with the unique captivating and visual elements that these ovens bring to the culinary world.

The Idea

Flame on!

Built upon the core notion of the pizza oven as the main USP of the restaurant, I created a brand that prominently showcased this concept. To achieve this, I created a series of illustrated flames dancing playfully, representing the heart and soul of the company. My goal was to infuse a sense of enjoyment into the brand.

The brand incorporates warm, earthy tones and textures, evoking a sense of cosiness and authenticity reminiscent of a fireside gathering. Combined with a customised typeface that not only resonated with Bigman Pizza’s identity, but it also brings a touch of whimsy into the idea

Bigman Pizza presented an exciting opportunity to capture the heart of wood-fired pizza-making through a playful brand identity. This project celebrates the sensory journey of wood-fired cooking, from the mesmerising dance of flames to the unforgettable aromas and flavours that emerge from the oven.