My work with Disney was a freelancing contract aimed at creating social media graphics to commemorate the 90th birthday of Disney’s beloved icon, Mickey Mouse. This project seeks to infuse the magic of Mickey into a diverse range of effectively engaging social posts and shareable content.

The Challenge

Mickey’s big day

Marking Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, Disney orchestrated a year-long campaign across their social media platforms, culminating with the grand finale at Disneyland Paris.

Navigating the extensive Mickey Mouse brand guidelines throughout this entire campaign presented a notably demanding task.

Each week, I was tasked with converting statements or facts into engaging social media posts. Using a collection of illustrations, fonts, and colours in accordance with the brand guidelines, I generated more than 52 different posts that were published across both Facebook and Instagram.

Disney also used global sporting occasions to bolster the promotion’s impact, assigning me the duty of crafting Mickey Mouse-themed tickets for Wimbledon and the World Cup. This event-driven initiative achieved resounding success.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to contribute to various other Disney undertakings, including animating anniversary social posts, film presentations for Sony Pictures and creating accolade posters for Marvel.”