Town Magazine

Waltham Abbey, a quaint market town in Essex, has gained renown for its central Abbey, which holds historical significance. Notably, it serves as the resting place of King Harold. Annually, a magazine is distributed to all residents, outlining updates and upcoming events within the town for the year ahead.

The Challenge

Town chronicles

The original magazine had become outdated and required an overhaul to regain its relevance. The primary obstacle was the scarcity of content, as the original magazine was predominantly filled with classified advertisements.

This redesign needed fresh, captivating content and visually arresting images that could effectively promote the events of 2020. This challenge was further magnified due to lockdown restrictions, which posed hurdles in sourcing content.

The Idea

Discovering local treasures

I wanted to design a fresh and captivating magazine which showcased the heart of Waltham Abbey. This led me to opt for a square format, setting it apart from the commonplace A5 flyers flooding the market. The next steps involved developing style sheets that incorporated contemporary typography and grid layouts. For imagery, I used photographs contributed by friends and sourced from Unsplash, consciously avoiding using generic Google image search results to maintain a custom feel.

I conducted extensive research on Waltham Abbey, discovering a trove of hidden attractions and activities that had remained overlooked. These events and activities were accessible to residents and locals, many of which were free of charge. Coupling these discoveries with regular features, the outcome was visually appealing and engaging.

This project presented an exciting opportunity to elevate the town’s storytelling through the art of design and photography. By embracing a square format and integrating engaging visuals with well-researched content, I created a magazine that celebrates the town’s identity and fosters community pride.