I had the opportunity to work on marketing material for Wasabi, which allowed me to dive deep into the brand’s identity and overall market presence.  My experience revealed that while Wasabi has a solid foundation and a loyal customer base, there is significant potential for growth by modernising its image and messaging.

The Challenge

After gaining access to various assets from the Wasabi brand, I noticed a lack of coherent language and a disconnect from Wasabi’s values and rich history. The logo appeared tired and outdated, and there were even two different logos with no clear indication of which was primary. The website had one style, while the shops had another, and the social media presence was low-budget at best. I aimed to refresh the brand by creating a new logo that would unify all aspects of the brand and better reflect its identity.

The Idea

For the logo, I wanted to highlight what makes Wasabi unique: a genuine love for both sushi and bento. These two passions became the foundation for my design. I created a logo featuring two hearts, one representing sushi and the other bento, which together formed a bold and stylish “W.” To enhance this new identity, I incorporated modern photography to appeal to Gen Z and chose a vibrant color palette that pays homage to Wasabi’s street food origins.

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