Future Group

Future Group are one of the standout leading providers in the block management sector. By integrating a comprehensive package of services, including lighting & electrical solutions, EV charging infrastructure, fire safety, refurbishment expertise, and security offerings, they have positioned themselves perfectly to cater to the requirements of any block manager.

The Challenge

A vibrant brand identity for integrated property management

Future Group boasts a significant legacy, with a brand that has proven its worth for over a decade. Opting for a re-design was a brave choice. One of the biggest obstacles was to devise a strategy that united all the divisions under a single brand umbrella, all the while ensuring their individual autonomy remained intact due to the distinctive structure of the Future Group.

The Idea

It’s not the same without the F

I created a logo that could effectively encapsulate all divisions within a single image. To achieve this, I assigned a unique colour to each division and then formed a custom gradient that seamlessly combined these colours. Taking into consideration the positive impact of the previous brand, I retained the letter “F” but opted for a modern typeface, striking a balance between maintaining consistency and acknowledging their heritage. The custom gradient will serve as the cornerstone of the brand, these colours will be used consistently across all branding materials, enhancing brand recognition and cohesiveness.

The Future Group branding presents an exciting opportunity to visually capture the company’s comprehensive approach to block management. By centring the brand around a gradient that represents the services offered, this created a dynamic and visually engaging brand identity that resonates with clients, stakeholders, and communities.