Operose Health

Operose Health are experts in working with complex health systems to transform quality of care and patient experiences. Through a perfect blend of primary care and scalable technology, Operose Health continue to help the NHS to achieve their long term plan of giving people more control over their own health and the care they receive.

The Challenge

Transforming healthcare

Through acquisitions a fairly complex brand structure existed which needed to be simplified in order to present to the market. This led to the creation of a new visual identity to express a unified new purpose and tie the different businesses together.

The Idea

The infinite loop of kindness

The Operose Health Brand mark has been designed to represent the interconnected partnership and unique position that Operose Health sits within the healthcare industry. A dynamic and forever moving path that reflects the pioneering spirit of an industry leader. It has been designed to be used proudly and effectively through all touch points.

The Operose Health brand offers an enticing chance to visually convey the company’s efficient approach to healthcare services. By focusing the brand on an endless loop, it symbolises the partnerships and services that Operose Health offers. The use of colours and customised gradients has created a lively and visually appealing brand identity that deeply connects with clients, partners, and communities.