Bombay is an exclusive digital and land-based casino for ultra high net worth individuals around the world. It delivers a personalised, extremely high-end VIP experience where users can interact with the same dealers in-person and online.

The Challenge

The power of eight

Bombay is a new company, so the main challenge was how to entice gamers from their rivals to come to their eco-system in a fresh and unique way.

We worked with Bombay on a brand strategy and a development of their existing visual identity to align all of the different business streams with one vision, but also to give them a suite of tools and assets to make them visually stand apart.

The Idea

From pillar to finishing post

To solve this riddle I had to research the history of Bombay to see if there was anything I could take that could give the Bombay name a meaning. The number eight came up multiple times. That was my angle.

The strategic and visual design system was based around the number eight, which has a variety of significant and symbolic meanings that align perfectly with the Bombay brand. Eight is a symbol of infinity. It is often related to material wealth, money and success in business and it is linked to universal equilibrium and balance. It is also an auspicious number in Eastern culture.

Unique to the power of 16 million

A nice offshoot from using the octagon was that we could now create a unique code for Bombay’s members. By taking each of the corners of an octagon, and lining them up in a row, we discovered we could create 16 million different combinations of this code. This ensured each member had their own code that no one else in the world would have, further enhancing the hyper VIP service Bombay offer.

A proud moment from was having the Bombay project come in third place in the CreativePool Awards for branding.